Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group
Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group



  • February 27: Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group First meeting

  • March 27: Dave Tyson, Connecting Humboldt Bay’s Harbor to the Nation.

  • April 24: Casey Allen, Artificial Reef

  • May 29: Jack Crider, Overview of Harbor District

  • June 26: Bob Martin, Need for East-West Rail

  • July 31: Stas Margaronis, Short Sea Shipping

  • August 28, Adam Wagschal, Past, Present and Future of Shellfish Culture

  • September 25: Leroy Zerlang, The Madaket and Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum

  • October 30, Garry T Eagles, Education and a Healthy Economy


  • January 29, Stas Margaronis, Pat Higgins, Steven Pepper, Panel Discussion on Short Sea Shipping, Obstacles & Benefits

  • • February 26, Pete Johnston, Timber Heritage Association

  • March 26: Richard Lenz, Harbor Working Group & Discussion

  • April 23: Chet Albin, Cruising to Humboldt Bay

  • May 28: David Hull, UpState RailConnect Feasibility Study Update

  • June 25: John Prince, Humboldt Bay Homeland Security

  • July 23 or 30: Larry Henderson, One Plan for New Jobs

  • August 27: Andrew Sturmfels, Go-Biz, Permitting and Port Revitalization

  • September 24: Ken Bates, Historic View of Eureka Port & Waterfront

  • October 29: Karen & Larry Revitalizing the Harbor, A Real Work Plan.


  • January 28: Bob Merrill, Coastal Comm., Status of Local Coastal Plan, Update for Harbor Development

  • February 25: Dave Schneider on Proposed Fairhaven Dock

  • March 25: Ken Bates, Fishermen Communties on Woodley Island & Eureka Waterfront

  • April 29: Rob Holmlund and Steve Salzman on Cold Storage Study

  • June 3: Col.Czekanski S.F. Corps of Engineers discusses what they do here; how they can assist with local efforts for better use of the Harbor; and some insight as to future dredging projects.

  • June 24: Rob Wall & Rob Holmlund who will report on the status of the Harbor Local Coastal Plan update.

  • July 29: Aldaron Laird who will talk about predictions of rising sea levels and local impacts.

  • August 26: Captain Snyder, Coast Guard serving 250 Miles of Rugged Coastline

  • September 30: Harbor District Candidate Forum: Larry Doss, Greg Dale, Pat Higgins, Nick Angeloff, Susan Rotwein


  • Jan 27: Rob Wall speaks on “Local Coastal Planning Update”

  • February 24: Bill Carlson who will report on Agriculture shipped from Humboldt Bay

  • March 30: Raphael Cuevas Uribe who will report on Aquaponics on the Bay with tour after

  • April 27: Panel discussion on state and projection of dredging of Humboldt Bay Channels

  • May 25: Forum with Supervisor candidates Uri Driscoll and Mike Wilson

  • June 29: Timber Heritage, on “Past, Present, and Future Impact on the Humboldt Bay Economy”

  • July 27: Rick Tippett, Trinity Co Transportation Commission, Update on grant for “Upstate California RailConnect Feasiblilty Study

    • August 31: HarveyII presents on the Port of Kashima in Eureka’s Sister City Kamisu, Japan

    • September 28: City Council Candidate forum w/ John Fullerton, Heidi Messner and Austin Allison

    • October 26: Thomas Mattson, County Public Works Dir. On Measure U, road tax ballot initiative


  • Jan 25: No Forum. Thank you from Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group for attending 2016 Forums.

  • February 22: No Forum

  • March 29: Kevin A. Tucker, Caltrans Senior Transportation Planner, presents an Update on Last Change Grade, future plans and what Cal Trans is doing to stabilize US Hwy 101

  • April 26: Laura Casali and Rob Domouchel, Fishing Community Sustainability Planning study

  • May 25: Becky Reece, Benefits of Cruise Ships making Eureka a Port–of-Call

  • June 28: Troy Nicolini, Effort to reorganize Samoa as a Community Services District

  • July 26: Dan Johnson, Town of Samoa, a New Commercial & Residential Development

  • August 30: David Schneider, Obstacles to Better Utilization of the Harbor

  • September: Jason Nguyen, Another Look at Eureka’s Future

  • October: Miles Slattery, Eureka Harbor Operations, focus on maintenance dredging

  • November & December No Forums


  • Jan 31: Larry Oetker, Executive Director of the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation & Conservation District on ‘Thoughts and Plans for the Future.’

  • February 28: John Prince, Custom’s and Border Protection Officer Department of Homeland Security on the role of CBP in International Seaports.

  • March 28: Matthew Marshall, Executive Director, Redwood Coast Energy Authority, Offshore Wind Energy Turbines

  • April 25: Pete Oringer and Larry Henderson, Rail connection of our port to the rest of the Nation by Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group

  • May 30: Joel & Gayle Guynup, Tracy Craig and Rich Graham,  Reports on PG&E’s clean-up of foot of 14th property; Rich Graham on Schmidbauer Lumber’s plans for the dock; and Guynup of Eureka Forest Products on the history of the dock

  • June 27: Michael Marsden, Director of Business Development of PNR, on envisioning our Harbor as an international seaport

  • July 25: Michael Marsden, on renovating the Port of Humboldt Bay into a modern containerized international shipping port

  • August 29: Group discussion, on renovating the Port of Humboldt Bay into a modern containerized international shipping port

  • September 26: Harbor Commission candidates Marian Brady and Richard Marks briefly introduce themselves and answer questions from the Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group moderators

  • October 24: City Council Ward 1, 3 and 5 candidates forum focuses on economic development, job creation, the port and their vision on waterfront and harbor development

  • November and December: No Forums


  • January 30: Larry Oetker, State of the Harbor presentation by executive director of the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District
  • February 27: Uri & Chris Driscoll, Rail Runner Humboldt Bay presentation on rental of pedal-powered rail cars on NCRA rail between Samoa Bridge and Brainard Mill site
  • March 27: Leroy Zerlang, owner of Zerlang and Zerlang Marine Services, Harbor Safety Commissioner, will discuss the current emergency situation at the Humboldt Bay Harbor Channel entrance.
  • April 24: Karen Brooks, HBHWG member and community advocate looks at the reasons why the Port of Coos Bay is handling international cargo and the Port of Humboldt Bay isn’t.
  • May 29: Lynette Mullen, Community Liaison for Nordic Aquafarms, presents an overview of the land-based fish farm proposed for the Samoa Peninsula on Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District property. Cancelled andmooved to July 31, 2019
  • June 26: John Ford, Director County of Humboldt Planning & Development, presented plans for the Humboldt Bay & area.
  • July 31: Nordic Aquafarming Presentation, Lynnette Mullen presented information on proposed Salmon Farm

February 25, 2015,  "Proposed Dock at Fairhaven" by David Schneider

Ship docked at existing Eureka's Waterfront
Existing Schneider dock at Eureka's Warefront
Existing Schneider dock at Eureka's waterfront
Preposed new Schneider Dock on the Samoa Pennisula
Preposed new Schneider Dock on the Samoa Pennisula

January 28, 2015 "Local Coastal Program Updates" by Bob Merrill

           Click here for Powerpoint presentation in PDF format

October 29, 2014 "Interagency Collaboration Targets for 2015"

          Click here for Powerpoint presentation in PDF format

August 27, 2014 "Permitting and Port Revitalization"

On August 27 Andrew Sturmfels met with dock owners, presented at the Samoa Cookhouse luncheon, and toured Humboldt Bay port facilities. Andrew is Senior Permit Assistance Specialist with State of California, in the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (Go Biz).

         Visit the Go Biz website

         Click on Powerpoint Presentation

Andrew Sturmfels answering questions following presentation at Samoa Cookhouse Luncheon

From the harbor tour with Andrew:

Overview of Humboldt Bay Port facilities

Andrew Sturmfels introduced by Susana Munzell at Samoa Cookhouse Luncheon

Andrew Sturmfels serves as a Senior Permit Assistance Specialist within the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz). His job is to assist businesses in understanding and navigating permitting, licensing, and regulatory processes.

May 28, 2014  "Update on East-West Rail Feasibility"



April 23, 2014 "Cruise Ships and Humboldt Bay Harbor" by

Chet Albin, Greg Gardiner and Dave Schneider


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March 26, 2014 "A Call to Action" by Richard Lentz


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July 31, 2013 "Trucking By Water" Humboldt to Stockton by Stas Margaronis -The potential of Short Sea Shipping


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May 29, 2013 Overview, Harbor District Projects, Jack Crider, CEO

Jack Crider's presentation (Click on section desired)


Woodley Island Marina





Freshwater Pulp Mill

HSU Marine Research


April 22, 2013 Artificial Reef Project by Casey Allen, HASA


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February 27, 2013 Harbor History and Potential

by Dave Hull, Consultant


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