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Framework for Plan of Action to Create Jobs by Developing the Harbor


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Origin of HBHWG

Timeline of Activities for 2018
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Timeline of Activities for 2017
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Timeline of Activities for 2016
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Good paying jobs - our main goal


In the fall of 2011 a group of community members interested in creating jobs with living wages in Humboldt County recognized the harbor's immense untapped potential.  Humboldt Bay is the second largest natural bay in California and the only deep water harbor along 400 miles of coastline from San Francisco to Coos Bay, Oregon.  This citizen's action group became the Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group (HBHWG). 


Prosperity 2012


Its members continued to conduct research and agreed to take part in Humboldt County Prosperity 2012, the county's Economic Development initiative involving community action teams recommending projects to improve the local and regional economy.  The HBHWG action team's recommendations were included in the Economic Development Plan approved by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors in March, 2013. 


Local Agency Support


Members of HBHWG approached the agencies in Humboldt County with land use authority around Humboldt Bay, seeking adoption of a resolution in support of our goals. See "Support" tab.





Inform the public about the harbor’s potential to stimulate economic development via community forums.


Seek adoption of a resolution from each local agency with land use authority over the harbor portion of Humboldt Bay affirming commitment to create jobs and sustainable growth utilizing the harbor.



1.  Support and promote many forms of maritime commerce including commercial and recreational activities  and mariculture; shallow and deep draft shipping; home-porting; shipbuilding and repair.


2.  Improve connections to Humboldt Bay by supporting enhancements to other transportation modes such as rail service.


3.  Work with other local agencies to complete a one-year planning process to better utilize the harbor.


4.  Develop within one year a coordinated marketing plan to provide resources and labor for international and national outreach to attract business in accordance with community interests and values.


5.  Work with economic development agencies to finance infrastructure projects and equipment.


6.  Work with maritime industries to avoid, minimize or mitigate environmental impacts and assist in environmental compliance.

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